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High Speed Pipelined ADC for Video Application
Title Description Brief
IPS_ADC10_165M_T11 10b 165M Pipelined ADC in TSMC 110nm/130nm PB_IPS_T110_ADC10_165M.pdf
High Speed Current Steering DAC for Wired and Wireless Communication
Title Description Brief
IPS_DAC12_320M_I18 12b 320M Current Steering DAC in IBM 0.18um PB_IPS_IBM180_DAC12_320M_v10.pdf
IPS_DAC12X2_320M_T40 12b 320M Current Steering DAC in TSMC 40LP PB_T40LP_DAC12X2_320M.pdf
IPS_DAC12X2_320M_S40L 12b 320M IQ Current Steering DAC in SMIC 40L PB_S40L_DAC12X2_320M.pdf
High resolution SAR ADC for Bio-Medical or IoT
Title Description Brief
IPS_ADC14_3M_GS110 14 bit 3M SARADC in GSMC 110nm PB_IPS_GS110_ADC14_3M.pdf
General Purpose High Resolution DAC
Title Description Brief
IPS_DAC14_1M_GS110 Low Power High Resolution Rail to Rail DAC PB_IPS_GS110_DAC14_1M.pdf
High Speed Pipeline ADC for Wired and Wireless Communication
Title Description Brief
IPS_ADC12X2_160M_T40 12b 160M Dual Pipelined ADC in TSMC 40LP PB_T40LP_ADC12X2_160M.pdf
IPS_ADC12_50M_I180 12b 50MSPS Pipelined ADC in IBM 180nm SOI PB_IBM180_SOI_ADC12_50M.pdf
IPS_ADC12X2_125M_S40L 12b 125M Dual Pipelined ADC in SMIC 40L PB_S40L_ADC12X2_125M.pdf
High Speed Video DAC
Title Description Brief
IPS_DAC10X3_330M_T90 Triple 10b 330M Video DAC in TSMC 90 PB_IPS_T90_DAC10X3_330M.pdf


IPSmart Technology Roadmap

IPSmart focuses on developing three categories of ADC/DAC: (1) Low Power High Resolution ADC/DAC up to 14b 10MSPS (2) High Speed ADC/DAC up to 12b 700MSPS and (3) Multi-giga ADC/DAC up to 8b 3GSPS in various technology nodes from 180nm to 16nm. IPSmart also offer complete sub-system IP solution of Video AFE and wireless AFE. Video AFE includes filter, VGA and ADC. Wireless AFE includes filter, PLL, DAC and ADC. IPSmart aspires to meet your system requirements for different applications including bio-medical devices, IoT, sensor, wired and wireless communication, imaging, broadband communication, instrumentation and etc.